8 Signs Of A Jealous Dog

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Ironically, many dog owners have observed jealousy in their dogs similar to that of humans. Some of these envious habits of a dog can become extremely overbearing for a dog parent. Following we have listed 8 signs of a jealous dog. By employing these you can have a great experience as a dog owner.

Do Dogs have feelings of Jealousy?

Several studies done on dog’s behaviors suggest that dogs display feelings of envy. The research focused on how a dog behaves when its owner shows affection to another dog or pet. Some scientists consider a dog’s jealousy with a par to any other type of social creature. 

So if your sweet and loveable pup is showing signs of resentment when you are in the company of your partner, kids, or other pets, chances are you are not delusional and your dog is jealous.

There are a few signs to watch out for, but remember all these factors are manageable with proper training.

8 Signs of a Jealous Dog

Discover these 8 signs of a jealous dog
How you can recognize if your dog is jealous

1. Performing Tricks without Commands

The most adoring sign that your dog is feeling jealous and needs your attention is when he starts performing tricks without command. This is a clear indication that your furry friend desires your attention and would do anything to impress you.

Some dog behaviorists link dog jealousy to its territorial instincts. Your dog senses your body language when you show affection to someone new. All of a sudden the fear of being replaced by this new person or pet is a real threat to him.

All these feelings trigger a primal instinct in your dog. You need to be patient and gentle in this situation to achieve the best results.

Another thing to remember is that if you are having trouble sorting out this problem by yourself, then there are professionals like animal behaviorists that can help you in this regard.

2. Aggressive Temperament

In most cases of jealousy, a dog will behave aggressively towards the person or pet they envy. Aggression could be in the form of biting or barking. You just need to firmly let them know that this sort of behavior is unacceptable. 

Realize that your pooch has nothing personal against this individual, it’s just an instinct of possessiveness. Your dog just feels threatened regarding his place in your life.

3. Excessive guarding of resources

Jealous dogs usually display another thing called “resource guarding”. To explain it plainly, your dog sees your home as a place where he gets his food, water, toys, and most importantly your love. So when a new person or pet enters the scene, your dog naturally feels threatened and fears for his resources. 

You might observe that in these circumstances your dog will hide his toys and growls or acts strangely around his food.

4. Extreme Destructive Behavior

Some breeds are naturally destructive during a certain age. But when your pooch all of a sudden starts to destroy and ruin your favorite furniture, you can assume that jealousy is taking over.

During this behavior, an otherwise well-behaved dog, would all of a sudden start biting and scratching things. This response is usually onset in the presence of the person, he is jealous of.

Some dogs also display this sort of behavior when they are not given proper love and attention.

5. Pushy Behavior

An obvious sign of dog jealousy is pushy behavior. If you and your partner are trying to enjoy movie night together and your dog keeps enforcing himself between you guys, then jealousy could be the reason.

Also, a dog that has fallen victim to jealousy would make whining and crying noises while giving you a longingly gaze. 

6. Toilet Accidents

A pup that is in housebreaking mode might have some occasional toileting accidents. But a pup that is properly trained starts to pee and poop inside the house is a cause of concern.

This is a form of communication and your dog is trying to convey a message. That message is that he is not happy and needs your attention. This behavior might also be due to some underlying health concern but more often than not, envy or jealousy is the main culprit. 

7. A Polite Departure

The most polite and respectful way a dog can show jealousy is by exiting the place where the object of his envy resides. Dogs are one of the most social animals and withdrawal in their attitude shows that there is a problem.

The trick is not to follow them when they leave the room, as this will only reinforce this behavior. Instead, wait for him to come back and treat him with love and affection to positively reinforce this behavior.

8. Excessive Self-Grooming

If your dog is licking and cleaning himself vigorously then it might be an indication of feeling anxious.

He might be missing your attention that you are otherwise giving to other people or pets. Self-grooming is a way to soothe himself when he feels left out.

Dog is looking sad
Jealous Dog?

Tips on Rectifying Jealous Dog Behavior

Although there are several ways a dog can demonstrate jealous behavior. But be careful and observe your pooch vigilantly, so that you can identify the correct cause of his jealousy. Once identified, here are a few remedial measures that you can incorporate.

1. Never Encourage Jealous Behavior

A dog is just like a little kid, for whom any type of attention is worth it. If your dog is not getting the affection he so desperately wants, then he will accept you scolding him, as long as he is getting the attention. Till the time you keep on reacting to your dog’s jealous conduct, he will continue with this type of behavior.

A more effective approach to discourage this type of behavior is to leave the room you’re your dog behaves this way.

Give your dog obedience training by positive reinforcement with treats and a lot of phrases.

 2. Focus on Basic Training

Some dog owners might have a beautiful dog but they forget to train him properly. If you are one of those owners then it’s never too late to get back to the basics. Spend some quality time with your pooch to re-affirm and strengthen the bond.

Teach your dogs some new tricks which will stimulate his mind and body both. Practice these activities with your dog when new people or pets come to your home so that he gets confident that you love him.

A few stubborn dogs might give you trouble at first but with the help of a professional dog trainer or expert, you can fix these jealous tendencies.

3. Interaction With New People

Your dog might get anxious if someone new comes into your life, like a new partner or family member that has come to visit.

There are several methods that you can incorporate so that your dog doesn’t feel threatened by this new person. One is to include that new person in your dog’s favorite pastimes like playing, eating and watching TV, etc.

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Ask the new person to give your dog treats when he displays positive behavior. Once your dog positively associates this person with himself, the jealousy factor automatically diminishes.

4. New Pets

Introducing a new pet into your household is always a stressful time for your dog. The fear of being replaced dwindles in their simple minds.

Although you might be inclined to spend more time with the new pet, nonetheless, try to be as fair as possible. Give treats only when both pets get along with each other, to encourage positive behavior.

Another great idea would be to make both pets spend time with each other. As dogs are highly social animals and have that pack mentality. They will soon consider the new pet as part of their pack.

5. Dogs and a New Baby

This is one of the most troublesome problems for any dog parent. Having a new baby can be stressful for both you and your dog. Naturally, you would be inclined to spend tons of time with your new baby. 

So to get the ball rolling, let the dog sniff a blanket or a piece of clothing belonging to your new child. With time your dog will become familiar with the baby’s smell and accept him as part of the family.

Also, try to keep the dogs routine as similar as possible to before the baby.

6. Reiki For Dogs

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that is beneficial for rectifying jealous behaviour in dogs. It is a supportive system that aids the body’s natural healing process. Reiki helps to reduce pain, relieve anxiety, or alleviate fears while giving your dog a sense of relaxation.

Reiki works on dogs by balancing and unblocking the dog’s own energy centers and pathways. This in turn supports the dog body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki involves the channeling of natural healing energy from its divine source into a subject.

Conclusion on “8 Signs Of A Jealous Dog”

Now you know 8 signs of a jealous dog. As frustrating as a jealous dog is, remember that as a dog parent it is your responsibility to treat your pup fairly. 

Make sure you follow a strict timetable for playtime, exercise, and petting into your day-to-day routine. Even when there is a new addition to your home like a new partner, family member, or a new baby, still give time to your dog.

Don’t hesitate to consult a professional dog trainer or behaviorist if you can’t resolve the problem on your own. Dogs are highly intelligent and adaptable creatures, and with the right help and techniques, you can make them a wonderful part of your family. 

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