My Boyfriend’s Dog Is Ruining Our Relationship | Possible Ways And Solutions For You

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Maybe you are thinking about the question “What to do if My Boyfriend’s Dog Is Ruining Our Relationship” heavily and you dont know what to do. In this article we give you some insights what you can do to overcome this challenge.

Dogs are a part of the family. You might treat them like your own children. But, sometimes, they can be a reason for discord between couples. According to a study, there are more than 2000 arguments and disagreements between couples over the dogs. You might be also be facing it and ask yourself questions like:

My boyfriend’s dog is ruining our relationship. What should I do to save it? Should I end up in my marriage or relationship? How can I avoid the problems due to the dog?

Before making any decision, you need to analyze the whole situation. We’ve also presented some best solutions to avoid and deal with relationship problems. Let’s discuss this topic in detail.

What to do if my boyfriend's dog is ruining our relationship - maybe a walk in the park helps
The goal should be spending great time together: Your Boyfriend, your dog and you

Relationship Issues You Might Experience Because Of Dogs

Several reasons let you think that your dog is disturbing your relationship with your partner. It can be jealousy, boundary, or time issues. Remember, the dog always might not be the culprit. It can be because of your sensitivity or training needs of the dog. It would help if you were evident in this regard to solve the conflict. Here are some of them:

1. Feeling Of Jealousy When Dog Is Prioritized Over Partner

There is a chance that a person prioritizes the dog over the partner. There can be several reasons for this. It might be due to emotional attachment and comfort with the dog. Also, he might like spending more time with his dog. But this prioritization can negatively affect and creates a feeling of jealousy.

In this case, the person might not have the idea of the emotional expectations of the partner. Also, the dog is spoiled. So, there is a need to analyze the root cause of this jealousy and note it down.

2. Arguments Over Money When The Pet Is Costly             

Sometimes, there are arguments between couples over the cost and spending on dogs. It might be due to their vaccinations, grooming, or health costs. The level may differ depending on the type of breed. But it can cause a disagreement of being over-budget and create a conflict between couples.

3. When The Dog Disturbs The Belongings

Some couples may also get into a conflict when dogs affect the household items and furniture. For instance, the continuous shedding in some breeds of dogs requires regular cleaning after intervals. Also, they might scratch the floor or pee on the carpet. There are a lot of other ways as well that lead to the disagreement.

4. When The Partner Stop Being Spontaneous

Some spontaneous dates or hangouts play an essential part in reviving a relationship. But the situation might be different when there is a pet. It’s a name of responsibility, and hence, the person might need someone to take care of the dog. The level of spontaneity will decrease, and the other partner might start feeling wrong about this.

5. Boundary Issues

Some couples may face boundary issues because of dogs. For instance, some pet owners want their dogs to sleep on the bed with them. It can lead to a disagreement with the partner. Not everyone is used to with sleeping and spending a lot of time with dogs.

6. A Person Is Not On The Same Page With Partner

There might be a disagreement over the way of thinking about the dog. Both partners might not be on the same page. For example, one person considers a dog as his child and part of the family while her partner thinks the opposite. Also, spending a lot of money on dogs might not be welcomed by anyone’s partner. So, different ways of thinking are another cause of disagreement.

7. Untrained Dog

A dog with no knowledge of living correctly can be a cause of disagreement. For instance, a dog has no relation with obedience training or grooming. Also, a dog that goes violent is not welcomed. Sometimes, one partner might not agree to keep such dogs in confinement. Then, they may cause several hassles around the house. Such a situation also can worsen the status of the relationship and affection between the couple.

8. Some People Are Not “Dog People.”

Some people are conscious of their freedom and are not ready to take responsibility for the pet. In this case, one partner might be a fan of dogs, not ready to give up, while the other partner may suggest up different alternatives like adoption. These kinds of cases might also lead to a conflict disturbing the relationship.

9. No Alone Time With Partner

There is a chance that the dog is indulged in most daily life activities, and there is no alone time for couples. The dog might follow every place the couple is trying to show affection. But the situation becomes irritating. In the scenario, though there is a lack of training, it may start a conflict between them.

10. The Dog Is Affecting The Sleep

The dog might sometimes affect a couple’s sleep, either by barking or sleeping in the same room. There is a chance that a person is tired after the day’s long effort, and the dog is interrupting continuously. It can cause a feeling of restlessness leading to a disagreement between the couple.

Hence, these were some of the reasons you may encounter that lead to disturbance in your relationship with your boyfriend. Sometimes, they’re severe and require proper resolution.

My boyfriend´s dog and I spending some great time together
Me and my boyfriend´s dog spending some quality time

My boyfriend’s dog is ruining our relationship. How To Solve The Disagreements?

After discussing the primary causes, it’s time to solve the disagreement. Breakup is not recommended even though the situation is dire. The use of coping methods and dog training usually get the job done.

1. Be Specific

It would be best if you were specific about the issue. Just make a shortlist of all the problems you feel with the dog; it can be irregularity, disturbing the belongings, lack of alone time, or costs. It can be anything, but you need to focus on the issues you can’t neglect.

Also, be clear that what are your demands from your partner to be comfortable. Don’t be sensitive, and note down all the issues you want to eliminate.

2. Communicate With Your Partner

After being transparent, it’s time to communicate with your partner. If he’s too touchy or sensitive about his pet, let the things move on a lighter note. Address your issues and demand and solution. For instance, if you don’t like that the dog lick on your face, train him to stay away.

Also, don’t get abusive towards the pets and try to find a particular solution. Keep a balance and do take care of the basic needs of dogs.

3. Accept And Implement

Now, you need to implement the solutions you’ve thought of.

  • If you have an issue with a dog’s peeing anywhere in the house, go with your dog’s housetraining.
  • The teaching of manners and obedience training will also help you out.
  • Also, take special care of the anxiety of your dog and deal with it. Be calm and implement the ways of dealing with the anxiety of your dog. Hence, training him the way you like.
  • If you’re having an issue with a dog’s furs, do book for grooming service.

So, instead of taking the dog on nerves, stay calm and focus on the possible solutions. Set a set of rules, and you’ll be good to go. Also, there are some cases where you might need to accept the circumstances as they are.

For instance, if your dog makes a mistake while learning, pardon him and not get abusive. Try to teach him the stuff you like elegantly.

4. Get An Expert Advice

If you’re not able to find a specific solution or your partner isn’t ready to listen to anything, seek professional help. It’ll help you to find effective ways to tackle the problem.

These were some of the solutions you can try to solve the issues with the dog. Dogs are loyal and playful creatures that’ll adapt the way you like on proper training.


1. My boyfriend’s dog is ruining our relationship. Should we break up?

Breakup is not usually recommended as long as you can deal with the situation. If the scenario gets worse and you’re partner doesn’t understand you, then sadly, you may need to move on. But first, try to understand the perspectives of all involved: your boyfriend´s perspective, your dog´s perspective and your perspective.

2. What do you do when you hate your partner’s dog?

If you hate your partner’s dog, look for the reason. Then, please select an appropriate solution for it. Deal with the matter gently and try to look for solutions to be comfortable.

3. How do I stop my dog from being jealous of my partner?

If your dog is getting aggressive with your partner, you need to look for ways to reduce the anxiety. Train them to feel relax and safe.

Conclusion on “My Boyfriend’s Dog Is Ruining Our Relationship”

Hence, that was all about some issues because dogs may disturb your relationship with your partner. All you need to do is to stay a little calm and find a possible solution. Try to deal with the issues without falling into a severe conflict. Seek professional help if you’re unable to tackle it.

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