Dog Traumatized After Haircut – 5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Feel Better

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Are you thinking about the question: Is my dog traumatized after haircut? Grooming is necessary for all dogs because it keeps your dog neat and clean. Grooming is also necessary if you live in a warm climate area or if your dog has a shedding problem. But have you noticed that dogs don’t like the idea of ​​grooming and even feel traumatized and sad after a haircut? But do you think about why they do it and how you can make them feel better? Although the haircut is done to make them feel better than why they get traumatized after haircut?

If you have all these questions in mind, don’t worry, there are a few reasons behind this, and you can do things to make your dog feel better. Read the article below to help your dog.

Why Is My Dog Traumatized After Haircut?

First of all, you need to know why your dog is acting weird after the haircut session. The reasons are quite simple because, after a haircut, the dogs feel a huge change in themselves, and they start to feel weird. Your dog will also look angry and upset; he may hide under tables and also feel sad. It may seem worrisome to you that your dog is acting strange, but this is quite normal because your dog has gone through a drastic change.

Your dog was unprepared for this change, so that he may feel a bit uncomfortable. Although your dog may feel lighter, but he may feel confused and begin to hide from everyone. When you brush your dog, and his coat detangles, he may also feel itchy and shake his head.

There are some dogs that may feel better after a new haircut, but most dogs are not comfortable with it. The dog’s nervousness also depends on the owners’ reaction; if the owner teases his furry companion and laughs or gets angry about the haircut, it will result in negative feelings, and your dog will feel that it is his fault.

You can also think of it as if you are going to cut your hair after a long time and you have long hair, and suddenly all the hair is gone, you may feel lighter, but if you did not ask for it you might feel angry. The same goes for the dogs; he may look good, feel lighter, but did not ask for it.

Dog with long hair before the haircut
Is this dog really looking forward to a new haircut?

5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Feel Better

1. Remove the stress of the ride

Dogs often go to the vet’s office in cars, and these trips can be the cause of anxiety.

When you take your dog for a haircut, but due to the car ride, your dog may get stressed, it will be an extra challenge for both of you. So, now there are a couple of reasons why your dog is anxious about the trip and also about the destination.

Counterconditioning will lessen your dog’s fear and also make the trip more enjoyable. Your dog’s discomfort and anxiety are also linked to motion sickness. You should check with your vet and ask for any anti-nausea medication as it can make the trip less stressful.

2. Get your dog used to handling

During a haircut, the groomer touches and handles different body parts, including sensitive areas such as the ears, eyes, muzzle, paws, and tail. If you train your dog, he will get used to handling and will not feel nervous in front of the groomer.

You can also associate a word like calm down with a gentle touch when you touch any specific area and give your dog a treat when you touch any area of ​​his body. If your dog does not allow you to manipulate any area, start from an area where he is least sensitive such as his head or shoulder and then move to the paws. Perform this training when your dog is relaxed and in a good mood.

3. Make the grooming place less stressful

You can ask your groomer for a favor to allow you to take a training visit without grooming. You can start this by starting the training in the parking lot and doing some activities there that your dog be fond of best, like playing fetch.

If your groomer allows it, ask the staff to practice the grooming session without brushing and follow up with the rewards. You can use the visit to get your dog used to the sight and sound of grooming tools, including clippers, grinders, dryers, and also to practice putting your puppy on and off the table. Always use lots of treats, so your dog always associates grooming with good things.

4. Think outside the box

Try something different from the routine to make your dog feel better. Observe the things that your dog is uncomfortable with so that you can arrange some alternatives for them. For example, if your dog is afraid to climb on the grooming table, you can place a ladder for him to climb onto the table.

Similarly, if your dog does not like the slippery surface of the grooming table, you should place a mat or towel under his feet. If your dog does not like having running water put on his face, you can use a damp cloth to clean his face and head. Also, if your dog does not like the sound of grooming tools, you can use specific products that have no or less sound.

You will find that even small changes will pay off a lot. You can adjust the water temperature how your dog likes it and increase the treats’ frequency, as all of these things can decrease stress.

Most owners favor using aromatherapy on pets, as it helps in the grooming session. Aromatherapy works best through conditioning. It is important to train your dog to associate the scent with peacefulness. The most common ingredients used in aromatherapy are chamomile, lavender, and some essential vitamins. All of these ingredients help induce calm.

5. Use a muzzle

During a haircut, wearing the muzzle can make the grooming process safer and easier, not only for the groomer but also for the dogs, especially if your dog is not used to being handled and needs additional support. Muzzle training your dog is important as it can reduce the need for other restraints and protect you from bites.

You can train your dog to put his face in his muzzle by luring him in with treats like peanut butter and beef liver. There are some special muzzles available that have a small opening in the front, allowing him to enjoy a snack while wearing a muzzle. This way, your dog will also feel calm and cool.

5 things you can do, if your dog is traumatized after haircut
Dogs can be traumatized after haircut – try to recognize changes in his or her bevaiour

Conclusion on “Dog Traumatized After Haircut”

If your dog feels traumatized after a haircut, hope the tips mentioned above will answer your questions. But these tips may not work for all dogs, and if these training tips fail to change your dog’s anxiety level or if your dog is still behaving aggressively during grooming, it is best to seek help from any professional. Talk to any animal behavior specialist and consult your vet and ask about possible medications that can decrease your dog’s anxiety.

Are you recognizing trauma symptoms after visiting the vet?


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