How To Make A Sick Dog Feel Better

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You wanna know how to make a sick dog feel better? Great, in this article we will give you some useful tips about it.

No matter how old your dog is he will always remain a pup to you. The first thing I do when this happens is pick up my pup and hold him close together. But in the true sense, I know that this doesn’t magically heal my Fido as he still feels sick.

I often call my local vet during these testing times. He just advises me to keep an eye on him and don’t worry as it doesn’t do any good. So his advice is not to panic. 

This vet’s opinion to dog parents although reasonable doesn’t usually soothe their anxious nerves. So I have developed a few techniques that help my beloved Fido feel better. 

But remember, to always consult a vet as your pup might be more serious than you think. Here are some methods.

Are you questioning yourself how to make a sick dog feel better? Here is how.
Does your dog is feeling sick?

Tips on How to Make a Sick Dog Feel Better

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a right bed

Depending upon the physical state your dog is in and how they are feeling. The most important thing to a good recovery is a great bed. 

Your dog might want a cool place to lay in or a warm spot to cozy down. Usually, I have observed that my dog loves his bed, even more, when he is not feeling well. 

So it is advisable to invest in a great dog bed for your beloved pup. 

2. Don’t let your pup dehydrate

The last thing you want is to let your pup get dehydrated when he is sick. But letting your dog drink a lot of water might upset his tummy.

I let my Fido take a few sips of water at regular intervals. Just keep an eye if your pup vomits after drinking water. 

For fussy dogs who are not interested in keeping hydrated. A good option is an unflavored dog-friendly electrolyte drink.

3. Avoid Doggy Treats

We, humans, like to eat snacks and lay on the couch when we are sick. The same goes for your dog, as he might not be interested in his regular food and enjoy those tasty treats. 

Avoid this as this will make your dog feel even worse. I have observed with Fido, that when he is under the weather and not feeling great. Withholding food or treats favorite help him get better.

4. Take your dog for a walk 

If your dog is feeling up to it, take him out for a walk. A stroll down the park will help him feel better as he will take in the fresh air and enjoy the soothing sights.

But always be cautious to keep the walks short and easy paced. Remember to pack a water bottle as your pup might get thirsty. 

5. Groom Your Dog 

Your beloved Fido might not have the energy to keep himself tidy when he is sick. He might be laying down all day and might be exhausted.

In times like these, it is your responsibility to keep your dog clean. As the feeling of being clean gives your dog some energy and assist in a fast recovery. 

Although you shouldn’t give your dog a full bath when he is sick, as this can irritate him. Just use a wet cloth and wipe down his body. Don’t forget to clean the ears, eyes, and mouth. 

Using a wet cloth on my sick dog has always helped my pup a lot as he feels refreshed and re-energized after it.

6. Do not Over-Stress

Studies show that dogs pick up on their owner’s energy. So if you are tensed then chances are Fido will also be nervous.

Just remember to relax and pour yourself a glass of wine or play some soothing music. You can also watch a movie with your dog that helps you both to chill.  

A stress-free dog-parent is the best thing for a dog in these times. So keep calm and don’t overthink it too much.  

7. Reiki For Dogs

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that is beneficial for making a sick dog feel better. It is a supportive system that aids the body’s natural healing process. Reiki helps to reduce pain, relieve anxiety, or alleviate fears while giving your dog a sense of relaxation.

Reiki works on dogs by balancing and unblocking the dog’s own energy centers and pathways. This in turn supports the dog body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki involves the channeling of natural healing energy from its divine source into a subject.

Reiki is beneficial for making a sick dog feel better.
Reiki has plenty of powerful effects to your dog´s health and behavior

Conclusion on “How To Make A Sick Dog Feel Better”

Our pups cant take care of themselves when they are under the weather, so it is up to the dog owner to provide the necessary love and support that your pup so rightfully deserves.  

By properly implementing some of these basic techniques help your dog feel better and assist in a quick recovery. This will also be easy on your wallet by saving you from some unnecessary visits to the vet.

In this article we have some more tips for you.

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