My Girlfriend´s Dog Is Ruining Our Relationship

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You are thinking over and over the following thoughts: “My Girlfriend´s Dog Is Ruining Our Relationship. What could I possibly do?”

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It is hard to believe but one of the most common problems in a relationship is pets. Many couples find themselves quarreling over their pets for various reasons. While most of these arguments seem insignificant and not worth fighting over. The truth is that in the long run arguments like these destroy relationships.

It is detrimental in a relationship if both you and your partner figure out why the dog is causing a rift in the relationship, and try to come out of this predicament.

Recent research suggests the girls usually take sides with their pet dogs if a problem is encountered in a relationship with their boyfriends.

It is a very interesting fact, that people have a great love for their dogs. Although, dogs are unable to cook dinner for us, earn any income, or take us out on a romantic date. Still, many people prefer dogs over their partners Whether you are a girl or a guy the first thing to consider is finding out what is causing the problem. Does your girlfriend even know that her dog is ruining the relationship?,  If she does then how are you as a couple trying to do to resolve this problem?, Or is the problem coming from the dog’s side? Although he is just an animal and the responsibility falls on your shoulders to rectify this situation.

Are you feeling and thinking like: my girlfriend´s dog is ruining our relationship?
Are you thinking about your relationship?

How My Girlfriend’s Dog is ruining our Relationship

Although having a dog is a great experience for either a man or a woman. Dogs get excited when you return home after a hard day’s work. You feel relaxed when they cuddle with you and energetic when you are outside playing with your pup.

But what if your furry friend is causing a rift in your relationship. The problem can be either on the human or a canine side, but the real challenge is to diagnose what exactly is the real cause of this problem. 

From my personal experiences, I can share my struggles about how my girlfriend’s dog ruined our relationship.

1. Girlfriends Dog sleeps in Our Bed

Going to bed with your girlfriend is the most intimate time during the day. You cozy up after a long day at work and cuddle together. This is the most important part of the day when you finally have some alone time.

Now the important question, Can a dog ruin your relationship in such a scenario? 

I suppose your dog sleeps in your bed and doesn’t let you spoon with your girlfriend, then that lack of intimacy might cause a rift in your relationship. While the dog sleeping beside you and your girlfriend, looks adorable, you have to realize that these things have consequences.

This will create an emotional distance between a couple that might ultimately end their relationship.

2. Girlfriend gives All the Attention to Her Dog

Relationships are built on give-and-take. It is the 1st lesson we have learned about relationships and that is they are built on commitment and trust. But in some cases, your girlfriend’s dog might become a hindrance in your love life.

Understandably, dogs are loving and caring animals, and dog owners might become obsessed with their pets. They create their dog’s profiles on social media, snap pictures of them, and call them by cute names, but sometimes all these things get out of control.

You might find yourself alone with your girl and feel the need to spend some quality time with her. But she is more interested in playing with her dog than spending time with you. 

If this is something you have faced with your girlfriend and her dog, then chances are that her dog might be ruining your relationship?

girlfriend gives all the attention to her dog
Do you have the feeling, that your girlfriend gives all the attention to her dog?

3. You never have alone time with your Girlfriend

Some dogs might give you and your girlfriend a much-needed space whereas some dogs are extremely clingy and think they are the center of the world. An extreme case of this jealousy is when your girlfriend’s dog forces himself between you and your girlfriend when you get in a cuddly mood. This type of clingy dog follows your girlfriend around everywhere so having any intimate moment becomes nearly impossible.

However, the dog might not be entirely to blame in this scenario. You should also convey to your girlfriend that she should spend time with you as a couple. Ask her to teach different fun activities to her dog so that he can remain entertained. She can do that by placing toys on his dog-bed or Kong. Tell her to give him treats when he follows her instructions.

It is really important that you guys spend time as a couple and don’t let the dog ruin your relationship.

4. Your Girlfriend’s dog is affecting your sleep 

Some ways the dog affects your relationship with your girlfriend are direct whereas some are indirectly affecting your relationship.

Your girlfriend’s dog might be sleeping on the bed, and indirectly affecting your sleep quality by moving around a lot. His night barking habits might also be interfering with your sleeping habits You often wake up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic.

In sleep deprivation, humans exhibit mood swings and feel irritable all the time. This type of exhaustion will ultimately take a toll on your relationship as you will be cranky and less energetic.So this point is critical for your relationship as a good night’s sleep is important to a healthy life and a stable relationship.

Tips to Avoid your Girlfriends Dog From Ruining Your Relationship

Whether the cause of the problem is on the human or dog side, here are some things that you can try to solve this issue.

1. Organize Play Dates

Ok, maybe not play dates per se, but realize that your girlfriend’s dog is an important part of her life so give her some space. Let her spend some quality time with her dog. This will in turn show her that you care enough and that this is important to you as well. 

Arrange time so that your girlfriend can walk, feed or play with her dog regularly. This will help build a stronger bond between you and your girlfriend.

2. Define Some Boundaries

Now that you are in a relationship with a girl who has a dog. Chances are you are also starting to like this fur-ball. 

Her dog might be the first thing you see when you wake up or go to bed. You eat together, take walks together and most probably sleep together as well.  

But just because you and her dog have a similar routine, doesn’t mean that you are bound to spend every living minute together.

Sit down with your girlfriend and have a calm and meaningful discussion about setting some boundaries. Your girlfriend will hear you out as your demands are not unreasonable.

3. Practice Give-and-take

Compromise is the hall-mark of every long-lasting relationship. You need to discuss or share everything that is bothering you with your significant other.

Sometimes your girlfriend might not like what you have to say, but she will understand. The key to a healthy relationship is give-and-take.

If you don’t like the dog sleeping in bed with you, just ask your girlfriend politely that the dog can cuddle with her on the couch instead. This is just an example of fair trade. 

Also, it is wise to discuss finances with your girlfriend. If you are in a relationship where you and your girlfriend share day-to-day expenses. Keeping a dog can be expensive as they need food, toys, and medical coverage. Do let your girlfriend know if you are uncomfortable with sharing her dog’s expenses. 

All these will be highly beneficial for your relationship in the long run.

4. See Your Plan Through

Now that you have set ground rules and talked about everything with your girlfriend related to her dog. It is a good idea to follow everything through. This is also great for the dog, as they thrive on following a fixed schedule.

Sometimes your girlfriend’s dog might exhibit jealous behaviors towards you, but that’s okay as he too is trying to adjust to the routine. 

There is also a probability that your girlfriend backs out of the agreement, but be firm and try to make her understand that following a routine is great for the relationship.

Wonderful time with my girlfriend and her dog
You, your girlfriend and her dog are having quality time together

Conclusion on “My Girlfriend´s Dog Is Ruining Our Relationship”

In short if your significant other has a dog, you have to realize that he will be an integral part of their life. 

People with pets love them as if they are their kids. The same goes for your girlfriend.

There shouldn’t be a question of “who would you rather choose” or “ Either your dog or me”? as this is not how a healthy relationship works. 

Follow this simple set of rules and remember, compromise is probably the most important because your goal is to maintain a healthy relationship and not let your girlfriend’s dog ruin your relationship. You have to respect their needs and work hard to ensure the happiness of your loved ones.

FAQs My Girlfriend´s Dog Is Ruining Our Relationship

Why can a dog cause issues in a relationship?

Dogs can become a central part of a person’s life, sometimes leading to situations where a partner feels neglected or less prioritized compared to the pet. This can create feelings of jealousy or resentment.

What should I do if my girlfriend’s dog sleeps in our bed and it’s affecting our intimacy?

Discuss setting boundaries where the dog has its own sleeping space. This can help in maintaining intimacy and personal space in the relationship.

How can I address the issue of my girlfriend giving more attention to her dog than to me?

Communicate your feelings to your girlfriend. It’s important to express that while you understand her love for her dog, you also need attention and quality time together.

What if the dog is overly clingy and interrupts our alone time?

Work with your girlfriend to train the dog* to be independent. This can include setting specific times for the dog’s play and relaxation, separate from your couple time.

How can a dog affect sleep quality and subsequently a relationship?

A dog’s habits like moving around in bed or night barking can disrupt sleep, leading to irritability and mood swings in humans, which can strain the relationship.

What are some ways to prevent my girlfriend´s dog from ruining my relationship?

To prevent your girlfriends dog from ruining your relationship you should establish boundaries, practice give-and-take, discuss finances related to the dog, and follow through with agreed-upon routines and rules.

How can I balance my relationship with my girlfriend and her dog?

Show understanding and respect for the bond your girlfriend has with her dog, while also ensuring that your needs in the relationship are met.

Is it reasonable to ask my girlfriend to choose between me and her dog?

No, it’s not healthy to make such ultimatums. A better approach is to find ways to coexist harmoniously with the pet.

What if my girlfriend’s dog exhibits jealous behavior towards me?

Be patient and give the dog time to adjust. Consistency in routine and showing kindness to the dog can help in building a positive relationship.

How important is compromise when dealing with pet-related issues in a relationship?

Compromise is crucial. It’s important to understand each other’s perspectives and work together to find solutions that consider both the pet’s needs and the health of the relationship.

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